A vassal of Oda Nobunaga and mentor to Ranmaru Mori. He is often shown to be the most loyal and trusted of Nobunaga's retainers. However, later on, he disapproves of Nobunaga's methods and rebels against him at Honnō-ji. The fight he has with Nobunaga in the burning temple is one of the iconic moments of the series. He wields a katana and later incorporates battōjutsu to his fighting style. He is Ranmaru Mori's mentor and extremely close friend in the first installment, though the two are completely unattached in the second game. In the second game, he also never serves the Saito Clan of his native Mino. In the first Sengoku Musou game, Mitsuhide is proud, easily swayed, and seriously doubtful of Nobunaga's methods, only serving under him for one stage in his story before assassinating him. In the second game, however, Mitsuhide is shown to be selfless, noble and unwaveringly loyal, desiring only peace for Japan. In fact, in the second game, Mitsuhide decides at the last minute he cannot assassinate Nobunaga and puts down his weapon. However, Nobunaga is then shot immediately by Magoichi Saika, leaving Mitsuhide to blame for the former's death. In his story, he defeats Hideyoshi Toyotomi at the Battle of Yamazaki and later Ieyasu Tokugawa.