An ad I did for YSL's Brickfish Campaign. The object was to create a "lipstick-inspired" artwork for the debut of their new Rouge Volupté lipstick. The description for it on that page is as follows: "No matter what shade of fabulousness you choose, you will ALWAYS be the center of attention. The model is shown with nine different colors of lipstick--dark and light, fierce and muted, red and nude--on to convey this. Certain parts of her image are different in color to reveal the words "SILKY. SENSUAL. RADIANT.", a running verbal theme of VOLUPTÉ and essentially a rejoice from the beauty community for being bestowed with such a jewel for the lips. A short description of the product follows in a black box below." The text on the picture itself says: "Yves Saint Laurent introduces Rouge Volupté, the silkiest, most radiant you will ever use. This award-winning jewel is sheathed in a sensuous golden case featuring a mirror for on-the-go touch-ups. 18 shades of pure light-reflective voluptuousness: here's looking at you!" Year: 2008. Size: N/A.